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Promotional coasters are a classic favourite. Branded with your logo or artwork, this promotional product is a cost-effective way to get your brand out there. The great part is that your brand is seen everytime your prospective customer puts their glass down.

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  1. Semi Rigid Board Drink Coasters

    Semi Rigid Board Drink Coasters
    (Product Code: ac009)

    A budget coaster for one-off use... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $0.01-0.99
  2. Bottle Bud Opener-Coaster

    Bottle Bud Opener-Coaster
    (Product Code: ac004)

    Full colour printed coaster doubling as a bottle opener... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $1.00-2.99
  3. Delta Coaster

    Delta Coaster
    (Product Code: ac013)

    Great quality single coaster... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $3.00-4.99
  4. Strata Coaster - Individual

    Strata Coaster - Individual
    (Product Code: ac002)

    Put your logo on every single desk with these individual stainless steel coasters... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $3.00-4.99
  5. Brunswick Coaster Set

    Brunswick Coaster Set
    (Product Code: ac006)

    Four bamboo coasters engraved with your logo supplied in a ceramic holder... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $5.00-9.99
  6. Strata Coaster Set

    Strata Coaster Set
    (Product Code: ac003)

    Set of stainless steel coasters ideal for boardrooms or meeting rooms... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $10.00-24.99
  7. Bamboo Coaster Set

    Bamboo Coaster Set
    (Product Code: ac015)

    Bamboo coaster set perfect for any environment... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $10.00-24.99
  8. Chateau Coaster Set

    Chateau Coaster Set
    (Product Code: ac007)

    Natural slate coasters engraved with your logo making a lovely corporate gift... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $10.00-24.99
  9. Trinity Coaster Set

    Trinity Coaster Set
    (Product Code: ac011)

    Three coaster set which can also be assembled to form a wine bottle stand... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $10.00-24.99
  10. 6 Piece Coaster Set

    6 Piece Coaster Set
    (Product Code: ac005)

    Set of coasters in holder in brushed aluminium... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $10.00-24.99

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10 Item(s)

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