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Glassware - Tumblers & Drinking Glasses

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Promotional glassware are still very popular as they have a long life both in terms of use and brand exposure. With your brand or logo etched on a wine glass, or any or the many other glass types available, you can be assured your brand will be recalled each time someone says 'cheers'.

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  1. Nordic Hi Ball Glass

    Nordic Hi Ball Glass
    (Product Code: du015)

    330ml capacity
    12.6cm high x 6.9cm diameter... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $3.00-4.99
  2. Shetland Old Fashioned Glass

    Shetland Old Fashioned Glass
    (Product Code: du016)

    8.8cm high x 9cm diameter
    250ml capacity... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $3.00-4.99
  3. Nordic Old Fashioned Glass

    Nordic Old Fashioned Glass
    (Product Code: du014)

    310ml capacity
    8.3cm high x 8.4cm diameter... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $3.00-4.99
  4. Double-Walled Acrylic Tumbler

    Double-Walled Acrylic Tumbler
    (Product Code: du008)

    Acrylic tumbler - great for festivals and fetes... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $3.00-4.99
  5. Shetland Hi Ball Glass

    Shetland Hi Ball Glass
    (Product Code: du017)

    350ml capacity
    13.8cm high x 8.3cm diameter... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $3.00-4.99
  6. Binx Mason Jar

    Binx Mason Jar
    (Product Code: du007)

    Mason Jar - great for barbeques, fairs and festivals... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $5.00-9.99
  7. La Aqua Jug Set

    La Aqua Jug Set
    (Product Code: dj009)

    Idea desk accessory gift for any client or staff member... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $10.00-24.99
  8. Lugano Jug Set

    Lugano Jug Set
    (Product Code: dj002)

    Jug and tumbler set, so practical for office workers... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $10.00-24.99

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8 Item(s)

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