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  1. Promo Tea Bags

    Promo Tea Bags
    (Product Code: qm002)

    Promo tea envelopes
    Fully customised tea bags with printing available in up to four colour print on the envelopes as well as custom printing on the... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $0.01-0.99
  2. Promo Tea Card

    Promo Tea Card
    (Product Code: qm003)

    Dimensions: 6.5cm x 5cm
    Fresh and fragrant promo tea cards
    Digital print 230gsm card pack with perforated jiggler
    Each card contains one sin... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $1.00-2.99
  3. Herbal Tea Travel Tin

    Herbal Tea Travel Tin
    (Product Code: qm006)

    Deluxe Tea Flavours: balance& cold & allergy aid& detox& energy& revitalise& anti-stress& women... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $3.00-4.99
  4. Herbal Tea Shot

    Herbal Tea Shot
    (Product Code: qm007)

    Standard Tea Flavours: daintree black tea& revitalising mint& rejuvenating eucalyptus& relaxing chamomile and lavender& invigorating lemongrass
    Del... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $3.00-4.99
  5. Custom Tea Caddie

    Custom Tea Caddie
    (Product Code: qm001)

    Dimensions: 7.2cm x 6.7cm x 13cm
    Custom Printed Tea Caddie (tea box) to hold your custom printed tea envelopes
    Available in up to four print co... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $10.00-24.99

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