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Promotional Merchandise Is Smart Marketing

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Approximately 75 percent of all new businesses fail within the first year. It’s a fact of entrepreneurship. So as a new business, should you be prepared to fail, or instead, plan for success. In business, it doesn’t matter how good your work ethic is, or how great your product is if customers don’t know you exist. […]

How To Deal Fairly With An Angry Customer

Angry customers are common in every business. Some of them can be pretty laid back about it, while others will not hesitate to shout at, insult or even harass you. When customers are upset, they usually want their problem solved, a decent apology and some sort of compensation for their lost time or damages incurred […]

How Customer Appreciation Helps You B2B Sales

As a businessman, you thrive at making your clients happy and satisfied with the products and services you give them. But oftentimes, due to a busy work schedule and a ton of orders to fill, your relationship with them becomes a one-off so you don’t really get the chance to see them again unless they […]

How To Save Money On Promotional Products

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Many companies see promotional products as a dead end avenue for marketing because they think they’re just bleeding away money without getting anything in return. It’s their belief that customers don’t really pay attention to stuff printed on them and the only reason they take them is because they are free.

Don’t Have A Budget On Promotional Merchandise?

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The need to stand out amongst the competition is a top priority for any business. However, when it comes to determining how much money is available for promotional products to dole out to those who visit trade show booths, attend events or as a token of appreciation for customers many feel the cost is simply […]

6 Cost Effective Ideas For Great Buyer Reward Incentives.

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There are many cost effective ideas for great reward incentives for potential buyers. Reward incentives are essential too setting up a program that is used to encourage and promote a group of people that you are trying to entice into doing something; be it a specific action or purchasing something such as a promotional products […]

Promotional Pens: How Do You Successfully Launch A Product?

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When a company creates a new product, whether it’s a prescription drug launch or a new video game, it’s also important that company also gets new promotional products. However, corporate promotional products can take on a wide variety of forms. There are promotional cups, hats, tee shirts, notepads and dozens of other options. However, one […]