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Aromatic 100gm Soap Bar

Product Code : qe001

based on 500 units using standard decoration

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100gm size: 7cm x 5.5cm
Available in 100gm bar or 40g guest bar sizes
40gm size: 3.5cm x 3.5cm
Fragrances/Colours (100gm): Cucumber & Aloe Vera (light green)& Wildberry (dark pink)& Chocolate (brown)& Coconut & Vanilla (beige)& Lemon Sorbet (yellow/white)& Oriental Lemongrass (green)&
Tropical Papaya (orange)& Peony Rose (pink)& Passionfruit (dark yellow)& Raspberry (dark pink)& Frangipani (cream)& Chamomile (blue/purple)& Goats Milt & Jojoba (white)
Aromatic vegetable soap
Fragrances/Colours (40gm): Pink (rose)& Lavender (purple)& Frangipani (cream)
Available in a delightful range of colours and fragrances
Individually shrink wrapped and decorated with custom printed label

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