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Promotional Sun Glasses are a more economical way to purchase protective eye wear than retail sunglasses. Available in many styles, this type of promotional product has one of the longest life of usefulness and therefore exposes your Brand to a larger audience.

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    1. Horizon Sunglasses

      Horizon Sunglasses
      (Product Code: js001)

      Low priced sunglasses perfect for handing out at festivals and events... VIEW DETAILS >>
    2. Kirra Sunglasses

      Kirra Sunglasses
      (Product Code: js007)

      Economical style
      Ideal for the price conscious promotion
      Comply to Australian Standards AS 1067.1-1990... VIEW DETAILS >>
    3. Aurora Sunglasses

      Aurora Sunglasses
      (Product Code: js005)

      Full frame with broad wings
      Comply with Australian Standards AS 1067.1-1990
      Produced from quality polycarbonate material... VIEW DETAILS >>
    4. Euro Sunglasses

      Euro Sunglasses
      (Product Code: js010)

      Classic European design
      Engineered in a lightweight metal frame
      The lens is the cool green G15 colour which is soft on the eyes and perfect for ... VIEW DETAILS >>
    5. Edge Sunglasses

      Edge Sunglasses
      (Product Code: js002)

      UV400 blocking sunglasses in hard case... VIEW DETAILS >>
    6. Sunglass Cases

      Sunglass Cases
      (Product Code: js008)

      The perfect partner for your sunglasses
      A tough and durable case with a soft lining
      Nylon draw string closure... VIEW DETAILS >>
    7. Sorrento Sunglasses

      Sorrento Sunglasses
      (Product Code: js006)

      Featuring the American manufactured Polarized lens which is renowned for cutting harsh sun glare and offering a very high level of UV protection... VIEW DETAILS >>
    8. Reef Sunglasses

      Reef Sunglasses
      (Product Code: js003)

      Scratch restistant acrylic lens
      Comply with Australian Standards AS 1067.1-1990
      Innovative modern design
      Close fitting shape offering maximum... VIEW DETAILS >>
    9. Sunglass Straps

      Sunglass Straps
      (Product Code: js009)

      Manufactured from Neoprene
      Complete your sunglass promotion with a strap... VIEW DETAILS >>
    10. Spark Sports Sunglasses

      Spark Sports Sunglasses
      (Product Code: js004)

      UV400 protection sunglasses with pouch... VIEW DETAILS >>
      Price range: $5.00-9.99

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    Items 1 to 10 of 11 total

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