Great Ways To Keep Your Staff Warm And Make A Good Impression At The Same Time

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Whether you are a small, medium or large company, it is important to have your staff looking professional at all times.

Now that winter has hit with a vengeance, I would recommend investing in a smart, warm jacket for your staff, both for those who are in the office, sales staff on the road or tradies working on jobs.  Besides ensuring that your staff look smart, it gives a feeling of camaraderie amongst the team.  Corporate uniforms bring people together when marching towards their mission.  And, it doesn’t have to break the budget.

A corporate jacket can also build your brand.  You already are concentrating on building your brand via your website, Facebook page, app or maybe even leaflets, why not extend it to your employees.

Choose a jacket that works with your corporate colours.  If your logo is navy, red and white, maybe use a jacket in a solid colour (navy) with the logo embroidered on the left chest.  Or a navy jacket with red and white trim around the collar and sleeves.

Corporate jackets can even be conversation starters.  From ‘What is XYZ’ through to ‘Hey, I use your products’.  Most people are visual to some extent, so they will remember a brand if seen again.

Office Staff Uniforms

For staff in the office, they require a comfortable corporate jacket to work in, a jacket that doesn’t restrict their movement, like a Melton Wool Jacket. Staff working in the office need to be warm and comfortable without sacrificing the corporate image.


Warehouse Staff Uniforms and Workwear

Warehouse staff and tradies on the job need to be kept extremely warm, whilst still being able to move. And, often, for their safety, the jacket needs to have an element of hi-vis fabric so that they can easily be seen by moving forklifts, trucks and traffic. With these staff, a jacket with a polar fleece inner, nylon outer with hi-vis fabric and reflective tape is perfect.


Sales Staff Uniforms
Then there are your sales staff out on the road. They are constantly getting in and out of the car and need a jacket that will look smart at all times and is easy to brush off after being thrown in the back of a car, and is warm when winter conditions are harsh. A Vor-Tech fabric jacket is constructed to provide a barrier to the elements (breathable, showerproof, windbreaking), whilst ensuring your sales staff can walk into a client looking their best.

In a nutshell, uniform and corporate jackets should keep your staff warm whilst hard at work. Work jackets should look great and continue your company image whilst allowing your staff to stay warm and get the job done.

If you need inspiration for your jackets for staff, Promotions International carries a huge range of both mens and womens corporate jackets on our website. We can also take the time to chat with you, understand your needs and budget and come up with a range of uniforms to suit your company.

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