Promotional Pens: How Do You Successfully Launch A Product?

When a company creates a new product, whether it’s a prescription drug launch or a new video game, it’s also important that company also gets new promotional products. However, corporate promotional products can take on a wide variety of forms. There are promotional cups, hats, tee shirts, notepads and dozens of other options. However, one of the most common, and one of the most effective, is promotional pens.

Why Pens, of All the Promo Products?

Whenever a company is looking at corporate promotional products there are a lot of factors they have to keep in mind. The first is the coolness factor. Everyone loves free stuff, and the cooler promotional merchandise is the more likely people will want it. However, expensive promotional products like USB drives, laptops, etc. can only be given out in small quantities. What’s more, promotional products have to be things that the people who get them will use. That’s why promo products like notepads, calendars, tee shirts and all the others are so popular; people will use them. After all, promotional cups do a company no good if no one drinks out of them, preferably where other customers can see.

This is the reason why promotional pens are so often chosen; they’re the confluence of the marketing middle ground. When a company needs new promotional products they need something cheap to produce that people are going to take, keep with them and use in order to keep the company name and product in front of them at all times. It will remind the user simultaneously that the company gave them something for free, and that the company has a useful product they might need. Far as promotional merchandise goes, that’s the ideal solution. People are always going to need to write things down, and if a pen works well then it’s very likely that the customer or potential customer in question will keep that pen with him or her and use it at every opportunity. That’s what these promo materials have to be; useful, visible and eye-catching in order to really get their job done just right.

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