Put Your Hands On A Promotional Umbrella With Your Logo

Winter is on its way to Australia, and therefore, rain is on its way. With rain comes promotional umbrellas with your logo. People get caught in unexpected downpours.  For instance, when they are racing between clients, watching kids play a sport, or doing the school pickup. Running from cars and public transport, trying to keep dry.

Promotional Umbrellas with your logo can be one of the most useful promotional gifts. And I can guarantee, as long as they are of good quality, they will never be thrown away.

Supreme Golf Umbrella
Supreme Golf Umbrella

There are different types of umbrellas available to suit different markets, so what’s the difference?

The compact umbrella

This umbrella is perfect for storing in a briefcase, handbag, or car glove box. Why? ‘just in case it rains’.

The corporate umbrella.

These are medium-sized prmotional umbrellas with your logo and therefore have a hook (sometimes wooden) and suit office workers. They are designed to cover one person and are a great size for racing between appointments, or on and off transport.

The golf umbrella,

Great for keeping you dry whilst standing or sitting on the sports field on a weekend. Also, for picking up kids from school as these will easily cover two adults, or an adult and two children.

And, the print area for your logo and website is AMAZING.    Even if they are only printed on two or four panels, your logo can be seen from a distance, and by loads of people.

Because there are options, here are some suggestions for the use of promotional umbrellas:

Client gifts

For these customers, maybe smaller compact promotional umbrellas with your logo for ladies to keep in handbags, or larger golf umbrellas for men (or men and women who attend sporting events on weekends.  No matter which ones you hand out, they will appreciate the gift as it is something they can use over and over again.

Employee gifts

Keep your employees dry, whether it be during their lunchtime, or when they run for the bus or train after work.  Either way, Your employees will appreciate their promotional umbrellas with your logo, your logo is being seen constantly.

Businesses like real estate agents, hotels, plant nurseries – these are all companies that have clients that need promotional umbrellas with your logo.

They can all get caught in the rain and get wet. What better idea than for them to have them by the door for their clientele/guests to use in a storm. You can even offer them for sale at the reception area. If they are impressed with the quality of your complimentary umbrellas, why not sell them one.

What to look for in an Umbrella

Just make sure your promotional umbrellas with your logo are of good quality. That is, long-lasting, preferably full fiberglass if they are golf umbrellas. If not, full fibreglass, make sure that they are windproof. Why? So, if turned inside out, can easily be turned the right way around. If they are of good quality, the user will become attached to them. Also, they always remember the company that gave them the promotional umbrella with your logo.

In a nutshell, they are one of the most useful promotional products which are advertising and promoting your brand at all times.

How can we help?

Promotions International carries a huge range of promotional umbrellas with your logo. Remember, they can be produced in your corporate colours so they look like they have just been designed for your company. We can take the time to chat with you, understand your needs and budget, and come up with the perfect promotional umbrella with your logo for you.

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