The Most Important Points To Remember When Buying USB Flashdrives

mu001 Flashdrive Mix N Match

Over the past fifteen years, we have seen trends come and go and many of the corporate gifts have changed their focus from the old world to the new online world.  For example where businesses may have given branded pens and writing pads in the past they may now be looking at giving their customers branded USB Flashdrives.

The constant that remains is the importance of quality, particularly when it comes to promotional USB Flashdrives.

When you give a customer a corporate gift you do so because you want them to remember you and when they remember you and your business  you want that memory to be positive.

There is nothing worse than giving a client a pen that doesn’t work, particularly if you have given the whole office pens that don’t work.  Before you commit, test it yourself and pull it apart and see just how much ink is in the reservoir.  Remember it is your brand on show not the pen manufacturer’s brand.

The same principals apply to USB Flashdrives and I thought I would share with you some practical guidelines if you are considering these as corporate gifts:

  1. Ensure the brand of memory is a recognised world leader in the supply of Flash drives – most people are very brand conscious
  2. The Flashdrive should be at least USB 2.0 compliant though USB 3.0 is quickly becoming the new norm.
  3. Warranty is vital and should be at least 10 years on memory retention and a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.
  4. Read/write speeds should be between 4 to 8 MBPS.  Anything slower will frustrate the user.
  5. It should have tier 1 memory of at least 95% meaning that at least 950 MB of data can be stored on a 1GB drive.
  6. Often manufacturers will try to reduce costs by using a slower speed flashdrive configuaration.  For example, we supply USB Flashdrives with one memory chip but many competitors will use two (i.e., we would supply an 8Gb chip, not 2 x 4Gb chips).  Two chips will result in slower data transfer speeds which, in turn results in unacceptably high failure rates.  Be careful not to get caught out on this one.

That is a lot to think about and that is where experience and expertise can help.  All of the USB Flashdrives we supply to our clients fit within the above guidelines.

TIP – When you order your promotional USB Flashdrives, check, let us know if you have data you would like uploaded – maybe it’s a company brochure or PowerPoint, as these can be loaded for you free of charge. This is such a great way to, not only give your client an awesome gift, but put your information in front of them instantly.

And there are so many to choose from – brightly coloured Mix N Match through to Silicon Wristbands, Credit Card Size and then the very cool Custom Shape USB Flashdrives. So much inspiration is on our website.


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