Top Corporate Promotional Gifts Items Liked In 2019

When a business owner decides to make an order for promotional gift items it can be an extremely difficult choice. There are now so many different products and goods available, for every different industry and budget. Sometimes it’s easier to look at what has previously been successful and make a decision on promotional gift items using this guideline. So what have been the most liked corporate promotional gift items from 2013?

 Not surprisingly, desk items have always been hugely popular as promotional products. A little distraction now and then from the trials and tribulations of the workplace is a welcome relief, and what better way to associate this feeling of pleasure with your company’s brand name. It could be as simple as a stress ball, or maybe a miniature puzzle or magnetic figures to fiddle with while on a boring conference call. Desk items are also great because with the home getting more and more cluttered nowadays, it’s not something customers will feel obliged to take home.

Another great choice for promotional gift items is sports bottles and travel mugs. Both have widespread uses during a customer’s commute, during the day at work, and also at the gym and at weekends. When promotional gift items such as these are of great quality, a customer will use them frequently and in a variety of situations. Think about how much exposure your brand name will get when used as part of a daily commute on public transport where hundreds or even thousands of potential clients will get a glimpse of your logo.

With many Australians today being extremely concerned about environmental issues, ordering promotional gift items which are also environmentally friendly strikes a chord and sends out the message that you are a company that doesn’t only care about revenue, but also about the environment. These promotional gift items can either be made from recycled goods, or maybe they actually help the customer to be more environmentally friendly too, for instance with a shower timer, or reusable tote bag to cut down on plastic bags when shopping. Again when used in situations such as the weekly supermarket trip, your promotional gift items will be advertising your company’s brand and logo to a wide audience.

Other top corporate promotional gifts include anything golf-related, especially golf balls, as any golfer will never have enough. Pens are other promotional gift items that will pass hands and spread the word about your company wherever they end up. Customers always find portable memory sticks extremely useful, but make sure they’re a decent size, otherwise, they just end up being frustrating. The key to choosing successful promotional gift items is to make sure that they are not only loved by the customer but will also do a great job of promoting your brand name, company logo, and website to an audience as wide as possible.

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