Wholesale Promotional Products – Types Of Eco-Friendly Products

Environment Friendly Product Categories

Using promotional items that are eco-friendly helps to reduce your carbon footprint and sends a positive message to clients about responsibility for sustainability.

Shower Timer

Help people to save water with a shower timer. It is easy to stay under the shower for too long wasting precious water. With this handy item, you can set it to let you know when you should be getting out from under the water.

It is the shape of a drop of water, has a suction cup that easily sticks to the tiles, a countdown timer, and an alarm.

Biodegradable Cornstarch Message & Clip Holder

Customers can organise the messages and paper clips on their desk with a handy biodegradable cornstarch message & clip holder.

It is spring-loaded for holding notes and dispensing paper clips and can hold all types of messages and data entry documents. It is made from eco-friendly, biodegradable cornstarch.

Drawstring Rechargeable Torch

Get your customers talking with this great energy-saving idea. How many times have you needed a torch only to find that the batteries are flat and useless?

Your clients would love a drawstring rechargeable torch to have handy when they need that bit of extra light. Great when in a dark parking lot or a heap of other reasons.

It has an on/off switch, an inbuilt battery and instantly recharges when the drawstring is pulled.

Organic Cotton Caps

Next time you want to giveaway caps try organic cotton caps. The cotton was not grown using world harming pesticides and agrochemicals. Your business can be proud when you give them away and tell customers that you care about sustainability.

Non-Woven Conference Satchel 

Conference satchels made from recycled materials and certified as carbon neutral are an ideal promotional item.

Perfect for that next business conference event as a giveaway to attendees they have an ID pocket, adjustable shoulder strap, a drink holder and loops for pens.

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