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Frequently Asked Questions - Ordering

1. How long does it take to before I receive my order of promotional products?

Delivery times are dependant mainly on type of order you require -  'Local Order' or 'Indent Order':

A Local Order guarantees the fastest possible delivery time.   A Local Order is where the promotional products you ordered are already in Australia and all that needs to done is for your logo or artwork to be decorated onto the products.  Naturally, this type of order is the most popular as typically it only takes around 10-14 days for delivery.

An Indent Order guarantess the greatest savings when compared to the price of a Local Order; however, although the savings are typically 25-50% cheaper, you do need a longer leadtime.  An indent order is where your order is made at the factory, which is nearly always an overseas factory - usually in Asia. 

The main driver of the time it takes the factory to start making your products is, how long it takes the factory to acquire the raw materials.  Once the products are made, a ship is then booked, and shipping then 2-3 weeks for delivery to Australia.  Once in Australia, it takes a few days for customs clearance and despatched to a local freight company.  Overall, this type of order takes 12-14 weeks to delivery, from the date you send us your signed artwork approval form.  The biggest benefit.


2. What is Express Indent and how doest this differ to a normal indent order?

Express Indent is where products are still made in a factory overseas, but they can be made much faster due to the type of product ordered.  For smaller products like flashdrives, pens, etc, these can be despatched to Australia via Air Freight due to their small size, instead of the much slower Sea Freight.  Indent Express orders are still much cheaper than a Local Order and only require 2-3 weeks for delivery instead of 12-14 weeks for normal Indent Order.  Talk to our friendly sales team as they can advise you on the type of products that qualify for Express Indent.


3. Why do you need up to two week to deliver my 'local' order.

Unlike normal 'finished' products, where there is nothing further to do to the products but deliver them, promotional products still need to be decorated (printed, engraved etc) with your logo or artwork before delivery.  The actual time needed to decorate your products with your logo or artwork depends on the print schedule of the printer, engraver, embroiderer etc.  On average (depending on the time of year), a schedule won't have an available slot in the first few days of receiving your signed artwork form; therefore, there will always be a delay before your products can be decorated.  Once despatched, your order delivery time is dependant on your location in Australia.  If you have a specific delivery deadline for your order, then just let us know and will ensure delivery is made in time.


 4. My order arrived and the print quality is not acceptable - what do I do?

Don't worry - you are protected by our guarantees.  We have quality checking procedures in place to minimise the chance of products being despatched with poor quality printing, however, in the unlikely event the print quality is poor, then simply call us and we will address the issue to your satisfaction and in a timely matter, and at no cost to you.


 5. My order arrived and the products are damaged - what do I do?

Don't worry - you are protected by our guarantees.  At the time of despatching your order, our quality checking procedures will ensure your products are in good condition.  Should your order arrive in a damaged state, then it could be the damage was caused during transit.  If this happens, then simply check the contents of the shipment and remove any damaged units.  We will arrange to collect them and either refund you for the damaged units, or replace them at no cost to you.


 6. For how long are your prices valid?

Given the very large volume of products in our promotional products range, we cannot apply the same price validity period to all products.  But don't be concerned as all price validity periods are long enough for you evaluate our quotations, check pricing with our competitors, and choose to accept or not accept our price. 

Whilst there isn't one set price validity period for all products, we do include a price validity period on each quotation and is typically 4 weeks. In circumstances where there is a high volitity and fluctuations in pricing for raw material, the price validity period can be shorter.  For example, with some high technology products like flashdrives, memory chips prices around the world change on a weekly basis.

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