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Frequently Asked Questions - Products

1.Your prices seem very competitive. How do I know you haven’t taken short-cuts to achieve these prices?

A: This is a good question.

To ensure you receive the best deal, that is, true value for money, we continually review our pricing model against that of our competitors.

This ongoing process ensures our pricing is the lowest you can achieve without negatively impacting the quality of our products or customer service.

In the Official Guide included with this Offer, there is a section dedicated to helping you identify the DANGER signs when dealing with a potential new promotional products supplier. Read Costly Mistake #7 – Not Knowing the Danger Signs When Dealing with a Promotions Company


2. How are you able to provide these free artwork services and special offers? Do you increase your quotation price to cover the extra cost of providing these services.

No. Our free artwork services and offers are simply there to help us stand out from the crowd (our competitors).

The best way to stand out is to add more value for your organisation.

The good news is that, as a result of successful negotiations with our suppliers, they have agreed to absorb the costs of these services and offers, which means we don’t need to include these expenses in your quotation.

The result is great value for your organisation.


3. How do I know you are not just saying what you have to say to get my order?

The reason we don’t do this is because it just doesn’t make good business sense.

We want to make sure you are comfortable with dealing with us as our goal is to achieve long term loyal customers.
This is a key factor to our growth. To achieve this goal, we know we have to earn and keep your TRUST.
All of our products, services, processes, staff training and procedures are geared towards our ultimate goal of turning you into a loyal customer.
Read Section 6 of this Offer for an overview of the benefits you receive when you become our customer.


4. How do I know I can trust you to be there for me in the event something goes wrong?

Firstly, We have found new customers are concerned about the risk of being left out in the dry if something goes wrong.

We want to ensure you feel comfortable when conducting business with us; therefore, let us take on your risks by providing you with ultimate protection with these iron-clad Guarantees:

In the unlikely event your order is not delivered by your prescribed deadline, We will give you your money back and DOUBLE it. If, for any reason you are unhappy with the quality of the promotional products you receive from us, we will fix them or replace them for free.

**** NOTE - There is no other company in our industry that provides this level of protection for their customers. *** Secondly, we are a member of our industry’s Association (APPA) and as such we are bound by their standards of conduct for which we are accountable. APPA have provided the following quote: “90% of complaints we receive are from consumers who have bought promotional products from NON-APPA members”.


5. Why should I choose your company over one of your competitors?

A blunt but good question.

As a potential new customer, you haven’t yet had the opportunity to experience our superior customer service, quality products, and industry bucking approach to providing creative and cost-effective solutions.

Therefore, I would like to urge you to read Section 4 of this Offer. In this Section you can read how other organisations like yours say they have benefited from our products and services.

Also, check out the Free Official Guide included with this Offer on how to avoid the 7 Most Costly Mistakes when buying Promotional Products. Specifically, read Costly Mistake #1 – Believing All Promotional Products Companies Are the Same. I can assure you that you won’t be wasting your time.


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