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Children's Hats

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  1. Heavy Brushed Cotton Surf Hat

    Heavy Brushed Cotton Surf Hat
    (Product Code: hk006)

    Perfect for kids’ outdoor activities – UPF rating 50+, heavy brushed cotton and a cord with slide toggle.... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $5.00-9.99
  2. Poly Viscose Slouch Hat

    Poly Viscose Slouch Hat
    (Product Code: hk004)

    No slouching in this hat – smart, tough and meets all Australian standards for sun protection.... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $5.00-9.99
  3. Poly Viscose Bucket Hat

    Poly Viscose Bucket Hat
    (Product Code: hk009)

    The Poly Viscose Bucket exceeds Cancer Council recommendations with its wider brim and a more comfortable, deeper fit... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $5.00-9.99
  4. Poly Viscose Legionnaire

    Poly Viscose Legionnaire
    (Product Code: hk005)

    For the ultimate in sun coverage, the Legionnaire meets all standards in UV and UPF protection... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $5.00-9.99
  5. Poly Viscose School Cap

    Poly Viscose School Cap
    (Product Code: hk011)

    The Poly Viscose Cap is trendy and functional for all sports and teams.... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $5.00-9.99
  6. Kids Twill Bucket Hat

    Kids Twill Bucket Hat
    (Product Code: hk008)

    Ideal for childcare centres, sports clubs and primary schools, the Twill Bucket is cool, comfortable and sun smart... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $5.00-9.99
  7. Poly Viscose School Hat

    Poly Viscose School Hat
    (Product Code: hk007)

    Pliable yet tough, great for the busy school kid who carries everything in their bag... VIEW DETAILS >>
    Price range: $10.00-24.99

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7 Item(s)

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