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    1. Fridge Magnets

      Fridge Magnets
      (Product Code: zm001)

      Magnets can be used for shop advertising, placing on filing cabinets, or for keeping your name on fridges... VIEW DETAILS >>
      Price range: $0.01-0.99
    2. 3 in 1 Magnetic Photo Frame

      3 in 1 Magnetic Photo Frame
      (Product Code: zm007)

      Combines two magnetic photo frames with an oval shaped fridge magnet... VIEW DETAILS >>
      Price range: $1.00-2.99
    3. Croc Magnetic Clip

      Croc Magnetic Clip
      (Product Code: zm011)

      Heavy duty magnetic clip to hold notes and photos on the fridge or filing cabinet... VIEW DETAILS >>
      Price range: $1.00-2.99
    4. Budet Magnetic Photo Frame

      Budet Magnetic Photo Frame
      (Product Code: zm008)

      Get your message across with this magnetic photo frame with large magnet inner... VIEW DETAILS >>
      Price range: $1.00-2.99
    5. Pronto Magnetic Clip

      Pronto Magnetic Clip
      (Product Code: zm002)

      Strong magnetic clip with great print area suitable for use on filing cabinets and fridges... VIEW DETAILS >>
      Price range: $1.00-2.99
    6. Magnetic Jigsaw

      Magnetic Jigsaw
      (Product Code: zm005)

      Puzzle your clients with this fun and creative product available in two sizes... VIEW DETAILS >>
      Price range: $1.00-2.99
    7. Magnetic Whiteboard

      Magnetic Whiteboard
      (Product Code: zm012)

      Keep your message with your client with this Magnetic Whiteboard... VIEW DETAILS >>
      Price range: $1.00-2.99
    8. Magnetic To Do List

      Magnetic To Do List
      (Product Code: zm010)

      What a great way to leave messages both at home and in the office... VIEW DETAILS >>
      Price range: $1.00-2.99
    9. House Magnetic Clip

      House Magnetic Clip
      (Product Code: zm003)

      Fridge magnet in the shape of a house designed to hold items on fridges or filing cabinets... VIEW DETAILS >>
      Price range: $1.00-2.99
    10. Stainless Steel Waiters Friend

      Stainless Steel Waiters Friend
      (Product Code: ab008)

      Economical stainless steel waiters friend... VIEW DETAILS >>
      Price range: $3.00-4.99

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