Gear For Life – Why It Is One Of The Best For Promotional Clothing Products In Australia?

Gear For LIfe brand

The quality of the Gear for Life promotional clothing is outstanding and you will not find a better quality of promotional clothing anywhere and that is because of the materials and fabrics that they use in their broad range of clothing on offer.

Lets just have a look at one of the fibres that they use to get an idea of the quality of the end product.

The Merino Fibre

The merino wool has wonderful natural characteristics that mean it is sought after as a quality product worldwide. It is wonderful to wear and it has the amazing capacity to keep us warm in the winter and cool us down in the summer.

The Micron

The measurement that is used to measure the diameter of wool fibres is called a micron and one micron equals only one millionth of a metre.

This means that the smaller the micron of the wool the finer the wool will be with the end product.

Merino is considered fine wool, which is generally used for clothing including suits.

Always Long-lasting

The Gear for Life garments made from Merino are strong and durable whilst still staying both soft and smooth without pilling which is reserved for lesser quality apparel.

Keratin, which is a natural protein, is the primary factor in Merino wool similar to human hair and skin. This renders it very resilient even if it is constantly worn.

How Merino keeps you dry

Merino is a very interesting fibre when it comes to water because it can repel water as well as absorb it so the Gear for Life Merino products are also shower or rain resistant – in fact Merino is able to absorb water up to 30 percent of it weight before feeling damp.

Merino also will absorb skin vapour before it becomes sweat so that when you ate wearing it you don’t feel wet or clammy.

Eco Friendly

This is a truly renewable product that is natural. It is also biodegradable and with the great leaps forward with farming methodology  the welfare of the animals is ensured so that they can continue to produce.

How merino insulates

Garments made from Merino fibres are warm and this is because they do not have a great deal of air that is contained in the fabric structure once it is created. Merino is has a natural wave and this reduces the air when fabric is made.

Controlling the odour for busy wearers

Synthetic fibres are notorious for making us sweat and clothing as a result tends to smell more quickly. In contrast Merino is ideal for people with active lifestyles because it minimises any build up of unpleasant odours.

Flame Retardant

Merino does not melt when exposed to flames like synthetic fibres are known to do and in fact has a tendency to put flames out naturally.

Gear for Life clothing products are a great choice for any promotional clothing that you want to purchase for your business. They are long lasting, comfortable and are made with the highest quality products.

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