Hot Coffee Beats Cold Coffee Hands Down – Give A Promotional Product That Your Customers Will Appreciate This Winter

It’s winter, which means parents are at sporting games on weekends. Your staff and clients are commuting in the cold. Nothing beats having a hot coffee on hand.

Enter travel mugs (or thermal mugs as they are also known).

In these busy times, we don’t always have the time to sit down and have a coffee. So, to have one on the go is much more convenient.

Thermal mugs will also help you do your bit for the environment. Coffee shops will always have disposable cups on hand, however, they are very rarely recyclable. Just hand over your branded thermal mug to the coffee shop and they will be happy to make your coffee in it. Some even provide discounts to those who have their own mugs.

The range of travel mugs on our website are all spill and leak-proof.  Some have handles, some don’t.  Some have wider bottoms suitable for tradespeople who may be putting them on uneven ground whilst they’re working.  Some have smaller bottoms in order to fit into cup holders on cars.  Just let us know who you are giving them to and we will do all the work for you and come up with the best suggestions and solutions for your company.

Give your customers and staff a gift they will use.  What better way to have your logo out there, being seen all the time, than to have it on a travel mug.  

All our products, including thermal mugs, make quality gifts.  Your customers will remember who gave them this valuable promotional product.  Check out our website in order to have a look at the great range of travel mugs we have available.  Or email our sales team to let us know your brief – quantity, budget, demographic and we’ll put together a quote for you.  We’ll even send out a sample for you to view before you buy.

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