Powerbanks – Hot For 2019

Powerbanks – Hot for 2015

We all use promotional items because we want our customers and potential customers to remember us.

Like everything what is fashionable can change from year to year but there is no doubt that Powerbanks are one of the hottest items for 2015.

When your customers remember you, you want them to do so for the right reasons and not because the item didn’t work properly or worse still it damaged another piece of equipment at our customer’s workplace or home.

Here’s all your questions answered when buying Powerbanks!!!

What is a Powerbank?

They are portable and are basically a special battery in a case that allow you to store electrical energy and use it to charge a mobile device. Using a power bank you can top-up your device(s) while you are on the run and away from a wall outlet.

What to consider when looking at Powerbanks?

Having a customer remember you for all the right reasons comes down to the quality of the device you give them. As with everything you get what you pay for and if something seems too cheap to be a quality product then it will probably let you down.

That being said the price of quality power banks has reduced substantially in recent times.

If you are considering power banks as a promotional item consider:

Capacity – The capacity of the power bank gives you an idea of how much you can charge, e.g. a capacity of 2600 mAh will allow you to fully charge an iPhone 5 but not a Samsung Galaxy s5. The quoted mAh is a nominal rate and is not the actual capacity. Loss occurs as a result of the general electrical laws of resistance etc.

Pricing differences – This arises from the quality of the batteries, comparative charging times of the batteries and the application or non-application of safety devices such as overload protection switches.

Input and output – It is no use having a very high capacity if charging takes too long.  Realistically output needs to be 1.0 Amps for a smart phone 2.0 Amps for a tablet.  The higher the ampage the faster the charge.

Battery quality – You need a quality lithium battery as cheap batteries might catch fire or even explode when over charged.  Batteries should have circuitry to prevent overheating and reverse charging is also essential.

Battery type – Go for lithium polymer, they are more expensive but a better battery as they suffer less from aging.  Ask what brand of batteries is used.

Compliance – The manufacturer should meet ISO9001/ISO14001:2004 and its affiliate factories meet SA8000 factory audit SMT Powerbankscertification.

Safety – Does the power bank come with circuitry to regulate voltage and current and how fire retardant is the casing surrounding the battery?

Features – Ask what features are inbuilt into the power bank. They should, at least, cover all of the important items we have discussed.

At Promotions International we stock a wide range of quality Powerbanks, in all shapes and sizes, to suit every need. We have asked the questions that need to be asked of our suppliers and are extremely confident that our power banks won’t let you or your customers down.

To find out more about Powerbanks or any promotional needs call Lynda on 02 8852 4999 or click here.

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