Using Your Promotional Marketing Items

You already chose the promotional item that best fits the needs of your business, had your company information printed on it and are staring at a box full of bright red ink pens with your logo on them. Now what? It is time to use those items to promote and brand your business.

Sales Calls

You may want to consider hiring someone to make sales calls to people or businesses that you plan to target. When they go on these cold calls they will want to have something to break the ice. Enter the promotional marketing materials that you ordered. You can leave promotional items along with your business card with people to make a bigger impact than a business card alone. You can also use promotional marketing materials to grease the wheels with secretaries and gatekeepers who stand between you and the decision makers.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are another excellent place to use your promotional items. You can use them as giveaways to anyone who attends the trade shows or if they are more expensive items you can choose to do a drawing to give away some of your items to lucky winners. This technique is good not just for trade shows but any event where you have a presence and want to make an impact.


Direct mail is a common practice especially among bigger companies, and promotional marketing materials can be an excellent way to enhance a package that you send to someone. Studies have proven that people are more likely to open an envelope or package that obviously has something other than paper in it. So, using your promotional items in your direct mail packages can greatly increase your response rates.

On Site

Be sure to also display your promotional items that you plan to give away on site at your main store or office building so that people who visit you can take an item with them. Be sure that your entire staff makes it a habit of offering promotional materials to people who visit your office.

There are dozens of ways that you can use your promotional materials to market your business. Whenever you talk about your business, you can offer someone more than just information, you can give them your promotional item as well. Use these marketing materials in addition to, or in some cases, instead of your business card and you will be amazed at the difference they make in your promotional efforts.

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