At Promotions International, we’re very proud of the fact we are not the same as our competitors. We can supply your organisation with promotional products, promotional merchandise, and corporate gifts not only in Sydney but all of Australia. We currently supply to many government departments, universities, banks and large corporate organisations. We know from many years of experience, promotional products can be used very effectively to motivate sales, loyalty and long-term customer retention when included as part of an overall innovative strategy. We enjoy working with our customers to plan and implement strategies where response and return on investment can be measured effectively. OUR PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS ORDERING PROCESS Step 1 – Submit a Request for Quotation via our website, email, or by calling us. Step 2 – Place an order by accepting our Quotation. Step 3 – Send us your logo or artwork to be decorated onto the products you order. Step 4 – We use your logo/artwork to create an Artwork Approval Form for review. Step 5 – Your job goes into production. Step 6 – We deliver your order. Everyone has received a promotional item at some point whether it is a branded calendar or a promotional pen. If you are running a business, you need to consider how these promotional products can promote your brand to others. There are many ways that these products help you promote your brand, and you need to understand what they are and how you can use them to benefit your business. They Resonate With Customers Every company out there wants their target audience to be aware of their brand. This can be hard to accomplish when you are just starting or have a small business. This is where promotional products will come into play as they increase the chances of your business being remembered. We have a broad range of products available for you to choose from which we will place your logo or artwork on. Research has found that people need to be exposed to a brand at least eight times before they can recognize it. Depending on which products you choose from us those eight exposures could be through a different product each time thanks to our extensive catalog. This exposure is something that promotional products will be able to help you with as each time the recipient uses the item they will be exposed to your business brand. In fact, a recent study found that 76.2% of people interviewed stated that they were able to remember the product, company, and message of the promotional products they received in the last two years. They Make An Impression It is not only the brand awareness that can be helped by promotional products. The overall impression of your business can be affected by the products that you provide to people for free. Of course, to gain the benefits of the impact these products leave, you will need to ensure that you are offering a free and useful item. If the item is practical and unique, you will have a better chance of getting positive results. A recent survey found that 52.1% of people interviewed had positive feelings toward companies that provide useful promotional products. These positive feelings are the lasting impression that you want to leave people with as it will impact the overall impression that they have of your business. When a customer starts dealing with your company with a positive feeling, they are more likely to be happy with the service that you provide. Of course, if you give a promotional product that is not useful, the recipient will generally have a neutral or unfavorable impression of your business. They Broaden Your Reach The person that receives your promotional product is not the end of the influence sphere.  Each time the promotional product is used, it will be providing marketing exposure. This is why you need to ensure that you are providing a product that is useful because the recipient will be more likely to use it around other people. A study done by PPAI found that 55% of participants will use a promotional item for more than a year. This means that you will get a year’s worth of broadened exposure from each item that you provide. If the recipient uses the item 10 times in a year around 10 other people, that will be 100 additional people who are exposed to your business brand. People Like Them Everyone likes something that they get for free, and if it is something which is useful, they will love it even more. In fact, around 83% of people have been found to like receiving promotional items. 75.4% of these people have stated that they will keep the promotional item around and use it if they feel it is practical. While people like something for free, you should not provide something that people will not use. If you do this, you will not be getting the benefits that promotional products have to offer. A useful, free item is going to do more for your business brand than a free item that people will not use regularly. From pens to bags to pedometers, we have something that your customers will be able to use and remember you by. They Inspire Customer Action While brand awareness is essential, you also need to consider how promotional products will help to increase your sales. These products have been found to boost sales and customer engagement. This is because at least half of the people who receive promotional products will go on to do business with the company. These products will prompt potential customers to reach out to you. This first engagement is critical because it will help you get more business and will help people remember your business brand. People are more likely to remember a business brand when they have had dealings with the company. There are many ways that promotional products will be able to help your business brand.  If you are considering the use of these products, you will need to ensure that you choose the right promotional product that offers the right message. Useful products which are entirely free will generally help your business more than free products that people have no use for. Please feel free to browse our range of promotional products. The ordering process is easy, just make sure you have your logo or artwork ready to go. Contact us if you have any questions.