Here are the most frequently asked questions when you supply us with your logo and/or artwork. We are here to help you, so please feel free to contact us.

What are PMS colour codes and why do I need to provide these to you?

PMS colour codes are print codes used to identify the exact shade of the print colour needed to match the shade of colour in your logo or artwork. Often a company’s brand is identifiable by the shade of a colour and therefore, that same shade needs to be used when reproducing the logo on a promotional product. Although PMS colours are print colour and therefore cannot be exactly reproducible on a computer screen, Click here to see a PMS colour guide, but do not rely on this guide if an exact colour match is required.

Where can you see a true PMS Colour Code chart?

If you need to ensure a close colour match to your logo during the print process, then the best way to identify the PMS codes in the logo, is to ask the printer who supplies you with your printed stationery. They will provide you with the PMS colours codes – then just pass those codes onto us. Alternatively, if you want to review the colours of your logo or artwork, or updated them, then go to a print shop like Snap Printing or Kwik Kopy in your area and ask to view their Pantone Matching System (PMS) colour chart.

What do you mean when you say Decoration type?

When placing an order, you will be asked to email us your logo or artwork in a graphic format that is suitable for the type of decoration you require. Decoration type is a term used to describe how your logo or artwork will be applied to the promotional products you ordered. Decoration types include Screenprinting, Engraving, Embroidery, Pad printing, embossing, etc.

Can I just send you my logo, which I copied from my website?

Depending on the promotional products you order, you may be able to supply your logo, which you copied from your website. Products like polos, jackets, shorts, or most other apparel (except for t-shirts) are decorated using embroidery. With embroidery, high-resolution logos or artwork are not possible to reproduce at high resolution, given the use of stitching to reproduce your artwork; therefore the resolution used to display a logo on your website is sufficient.

If you need my artwork in an EPS file, Can I just rename my logo filename from xxx.JPG to xxx.EPS?

If we ask you to supply your logo or artwork in an EPS file, then what we are really saying is that in order to decorate your artwork onto the promotional products you ordered, we need your artwork in a Vector format and vector images are typically stored in EPS files. If you try to copy a JPG image into an EPS file, then it is still a JPG image and not usable for the products you ordered. The same logic applies if you simply renamed a JPG file to an EPS file.

Please note that a PDF file can contain images in vector format; however, we would need to check the contents of the PDF for image format suitability. In other words, we would check to see if the PDF has your artwork stored as a vector image.

What do you mean when you say you need my artwork in Vector format?

See the FAQ above. Vector format allows for an image, logo, or artwork to be resized to any size imaginable, without the loss of image quality, without exception. This is why we like images in vector format as if you order a product like a pen, which supports a print height as low as 5mm, we can resize the logo down to this size and the print quality will be excellent.

The same goes for enlarging. If you order floormats, then we may need to enlarge your logo to a print height of 1 metre. Again, with artwork in vector format, print quality will not be a problem. If you don’t know what format your logo file is, then simply email it to and we will run our image format suitability test on it at no charge and reply to you with the results.

What do you mean when you say you need my artwork in CMYK?

CMYK is the colour standard used to print in full colour. Unlike non-CMYK where you must provide us the the exact colour codes (PMS) for each individual colour, CMYK provides for printing in millions of colurs like in photos, or any other printing requiring the reproduction on large volumes or colour shades. If you do not know if your artwork file contains logo or artwork colours in CMYK, then simply email it to and we will run our image format suitability test on it at no charge and reply to you with the results.

Can you accept my artwork in a PDF file?

The short answer is, it depends. The easiest way to find out if we can accept your artwork file for the promotional products you ordered, is to simply email it to and we will run our image format suitability test on it at no charge and reply to you with the results.

What if my artwork file size is over 10mb?

Sometimes, artwork files can be quite large, some can be over 10mb. What this means is that your email program may not be able to send that artwork file to us and as a result, you may receive an error email message from your internet service provider. If this happens then you may need to use a free file transfer service to get that file to us. Free file transfer services include or If you use such a service, it will ask you to provide an email address to where you want the large artwork file sent to. Please provide the email address

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